Zebra-Fund Review; Is Zebra Fund Legit or a Scam?


Do you know what happens when there are too many income program scams? I’ll have no time to review legitimate ones. I prioritize making you aware of scams over showing you paying income programs.

Today, we’ll be looking at another income program: Zebra-Fund.com. In this Zebra Fund review, you’ll learn all the workings of ZebraFund, and you’ll know if this platform is paying or a scam.

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What is Zebra-Fund.com?


If you bought into Mybonus2u during the income programs bubble, you already know what Zebra-fund does.

It pays commissions for ordering products (that don’t exist). Like a typical Ponzi scheme, you’re also compensated for upgrading your levels and inviting new members.

According to their website, they are affiliated with major e-commerce sites like Flipkart et al. What I don’t understand is why Flipkart will want to form a partnership with a company like Zebra-Fund.

Zebra Fund is the worst-designed income program I’ve ever come across, and I’m not exaggerating. You may or may not relate to this, but let me explain why I think so.

Please read carefully through the explanation as you may think I’m drifting off-topic sometimes.

I do most of my web browsing on my laptop. A laptop has a significantly larger screen than a mobile phone, and websites stretch to fit the expansive display.

For example, here is a snapshot of my homepage on a desktop.

thetechninjas desktop

And here is a snapshot of the same page on a mobile phone.

thetechninjas mobile

You’ll notice that they’re the same website, but the mobile version has shrunk to fit into the smaller and slimmer interface of the phone.

However, the same can’t be said for Zebra-fund. When you access the Zebrafund website on your mobile phone, you see a nice-looking website with a usable interface that makes judicious use of your limited screen size.

However, on a desktop, you also get a mobile page. This is a stupid design choice, and an income program should do better.

In short, if you do most of your web browsing on a desktop or laptop like me, you may have to switch to a mobile device while using Zebra Fund.

Zebrafund pointed out on their website that you only need a mobile phone and an internet connection to earn from the platform. However, it would be helpful to update that to reflect that you should only use a mobile phone to access the platform.

Let’s quickly move on to other parts of the Zebrafund review.

How Zebra-fund works

Zebrafund sounds like an income program that is resistant to change. Other similar scams have moved on from this strategy as they realize that The Tech Ninjas fans are a lot smarter.

As expected, Zebra Fund is lagging on the popularity charts. Compared to current income programs like Social Rebel and Paid2tap, it is a lot less popular.

Zebra-fund also uses the now-outdated method of using VIP levels to determine users’ benefits. The higher your VIP level, the more benefits you gain from ordering virtual products on the platform.

 When you sign up to the platform, you get a N3,000 registration bonus. However, Zebra-fund makes it clear that you cannot withdraw this registration bonus. So, it’s pretty much like, just there.

While you may criticize this move, I do appreciate it. Many income programs offer registration bonuses that you can’t withdraw, but they’re never clear about it. They deceive you into signing up only to see a “Road to 1st Cashout” that requires you to invite 50 users.

Zebra Fund VIP Plans

As I hinted above, Zebra-Fund has a couple of VIP plans with varying registration fees. More expensive VIP plans incur higher commissions per product.

There are seven VIP plans on Zebra Fund, each with its unique registration fees and commission. One thing that unites all the VIP levels is the daily task limit; each VIP level only allows 15 tasks per day.

Here are the VIP levels on Zebra-Fund, their registration fees, and their total commission income.


Registration fee: N5000

Commission: 3%


Registration fee: N10,000

Commission: 3.3%


Registration fee: N50,000

Commission: 3.6%


Registration fee: N150,000

Commission: 4.05%


Registration fee: N400,000

Commission: 4.65%


Registration fee: N1,000,000

Commission: 5.25%


Registration fee: N3,000,000

Commission:  6%

How to register for Zebra Fund | Zebra-Fund Login

Creating an account with Zebra Fund is complex. There are just too many useless steps that I’d have given up if I weren’t a reviewer.

zebra-fund login

For one, you must verify your phone number before you can even get a chance to sign up. Also, you must have a referral code; if you don’t have one, the registration won’t work.

Zebra-Fund isn’t the first income program doing that, but that practice is pretty lame. What if I wasn’t referred by anyone?

If you need a referral code for Zebra Fund, you can use “47439.” But I don’t even see why you’ll need it. Here are the steps required to sign up for Zebra Fund with a referral code.

  1. Open the Zebra Fund website on your phone (preferably) and click on any of the VIP levels on display.
  2. On the registration form that loads up, enter all the required information. Confirm your phone number here and enter the referral code as you can’t submit the form if you skip those steps.

If you do everything right, you should be redirected to a login page. Enter the password that you chose earlier to log in and start performing tasks on Zebra Fund.

How to Withdraw on Zebra Fund

If you were already a member of Zebra Fund, one of the main reasons you’re reading this review is to know if you can withdraw from ZebraFund and how to go about it.

While I can show you how to withdraw, I can’t tell if you can withdraw your earnings from the platform. If you have withdrawn from Zebra Fund, you can let us know in the comments below. Do let us know if this platform disappoints you too.

You can withdraw from Zebra Fund on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm. You can withdraw as little as N500, but you can’t withdraw the registration bonus; that’s prohibited, lol.

Is Zebra Fund a Scam?

Unlike the recent reviews thaI’veve written on this website, this Zebra Fund review doesn’t have a very negative connotation.

That said, if you invest N3,000,000 in this scheme, I won’t feel sorry if you were defrauded of your money. Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t invest anything above N10,000 on this website.

  • Age

Zebra Fund is only 67 days old. If you can invest N3,000,000 in a platform that’s only that old, why not invest it on The Tech Ninjas so we can make money together?

  • Business model

We’ve seen similar income programs fail. Before investing a kobo in Zebra Fund, you should ask yourself, how are they different from any failed income programs?

If you can’t make a list of ten items, maybe you should keep your money in your pocket.

  • Design

Their website design is horribleI’llll repeat this. Also, I can’t find any information about a CEO or a manager, not even a phone number, although they require you to provide yours during registration.

Conclusion | Is Zebra Fund a Scam?

Only time will tell. However, I’m not betting any of my money on this platform, and I don’t think you should too.

With all of the evidence I gathered against Zebra Fund, I think it’s more of a scam than a legitimate scheme.

But then, it’s your money, and it’s your choice.

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