GoCashouts Review; GoCashouts.com Sits on a Throne of Lies

gocashouts review

Would you like to join a platform that has already paid $46 million to its members?

If you would, then skip GoCashouts. This new trend of overpromising and non-delivering income programs is honestly becoming concerning.

If you’re considering signing up for this platform, you should read this GoCashouts review to the end. Here, I’ll show you everything you need to know about this platform, and if it’s legitimate or simply a scam.

What is GoCashouts.com?

gocashouts review

GoCashouts is an income program that supposedly lets you earn using your social influence. It’s part of what I call the Surveyj family of scams and it makes a lot of promises and claims that are obviously false.

Hearing of the “Surveyj family of scams,” you already have an idea that there are other income programs like Surveyj out there scamming people.

While I don’t know all of the income programs in the Surveyj family, I know they’re quite a lot.

To be fair, I don’t know if Surveyj is the pioneer for these kinds of scams, but it’s the first of those kinds of income programs that I reviewed on this website.

GoCashouts and all of the rest of these income programs work in a similar way. They promise to help you monetize your social influence, regardless of your social media popularity. However, the tasks that you complete to earn on these platforms don’t even line up with the promises.

An income program that promises to let you “get rewards using your social influence” pays you to complete surveys and test apps?

While that doesn’t sound like “getting rewards using your social influence,” I honestly don’t have a problem with that.

What I do have a problem with, however, is the fact that they don’t even pay you when you complete the tasks they promise to pay you for.

We’ll explore that extensively later, as the introductory segment is too early to start exposing the falsities and lies of this honorary member of the Surveyj family of scams.

How to Make Money on GoCashouts

If you’re reading this review, I assume you want to learn how to bank the bucks you see on the platform. I don’t want to disappoint you, so I’ll show you how GoCashouts would work in a perfect world.

Before getting your hopes too high, you should remember our world is far from perfect. Nonetheless, here are the different methods to make money on GoCashouts.


Every income program in the Surveyj family of scams pays you insane amounts to new members simply for signing up.

GoCashouts pays you $25 to sign up for the platform. Signing up takes less than one minute. If you’re using Chrome’s autofill like me, you can sign up in 5 seconds, depending on your internet speed.

However, it’s more productive to try withdrawing money you’re imagining in your head than trying to withdraw your registration bonus on GoCashouts or other members of its family.

Testing Apps

You earn money for testing apps on GoCashouts, and I have one serious problem with that.

GoCashouts wants us to believe that there is an app developer somewhere, willing to pay upwards of $15 to let you test a single app for 30 seconds without even providing any feedback or review?

If that were to be possible, I’ll simply delete this blog and make money testing apps for developers instead.

Answering Surveys

You can also answer surveys on the website to earn money. Unlike Surveyj or most of its other spinoffs, GoCashouts pays flexibly.

They claim that their 13-year-old AI is capable of dynamically increasing your offers and earnings as you spend more time on the platform.


There are so many other ways to earn money on GoCashouts that I can’t list every one of them individually here.

You can earn by inviting others. For everyone that signs up using your referral link, you get $15. And did I say you also get $1 if someone clicks your link and ends up not registering?

Also, GoCashouts pays its members to post lies on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Tiktok. This apparently creates a positive social image for the brand, while they perpetrate their scams.

Also, you stand a chance to win an iPhone (supposedly) if you make over $100 per day on the platform. While that may seem like a lot of work it isn’t, you can earn $250 in 30 minutes without trying, just that you can’t withdraw the money.

How to Register for GoCashouts

gocashouts sign up

I initially planned to omit this from my GoCashouts review, but here we are. Here are the steps required to register for GoCashouts.

  1. Open the official website on your favorite browser (gocashouts.com).
  2. Scroll down until you see the registration form. It has fields for email and password and the submit button asks you to get your $25 now.
  3. Fill the form, submit, and you’re in.

It’s so strange that you don’t even have to fill in your name. You only need an email and a password. I wonder how they’ll deal with tax issues for users in the United States.

Also, it’s worth noting that GoCashouts recommends accessing the website on a mobile device. I signed up from my desktop, and apparently, they weren’t very happy. The website had to pop up a distracting alert, encouraging me to sign up from a mobile phone because I can potentially earn more.

Is GoCashouts a Scam?

is gocashouts legit?

I intended this review to be very brief. If you read it from the start, you’ll notice that it has way too many spoilers indicating that this income program is a scam.

Those spoilers are all correct. This income program is most certainly a scam. Nobody earns $220 per day from GoCashouts, and nobody is getting an iPhone.

In the “Why it works” section of their website, GoCashouts claims that they have been developing their AI-based algorithm for the past 13 years!

Wait, is this platform kidding me?

According to my analysis, this website has only been around for about 13 months, at most.

What’s funnier is that the website claimed that they started in 2006. Do I even need to tell you that they’re lying about this?

I don’t understand why they need to lie about these little details when their target audience couldn’t even care less.

But it’s good they do, because if they don’t lie about the little details, how are we supposed to know that their entire kingdom is built on lies?

gocashouts on a throne of lies

If you can take away one thing from this GoCashouts review, it’s the fact that the platform is a scam.

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