ExpertNaire Review; Can You Make Money With ExpertNaire

ExpertNaire review

Affiliate marketing has recently become a trending topic in Nigeria for one primary reason: ExpertNaire. In Nigeria, this company appears to have become synonymous with the term: affiliate marketing, and it’s only growing in popularity.

If you’ve recently come across the platform on Twitter trends, you may want to learn more about it and how it works. Since this website is all about introducing you to the latest earning opportunities and showing you how it works, it has become imperative to take a look at ExpertNaire.

In this ExpertNaire review, you’ll learn what the platform does and if you can make money from it. Also, I’ll compare ExpertNaire to established affiliate marketing platforms to determine if it’s legitimate or built to fail.

expertnaire review

What Is ExpertNaire? | How ExpertNaire Works

Before going into an extensive review, it’s crucial to learn how ExpertNaire describes itself to determine if it meets its promises. Apart from being an affiliate marketing platform, ExpertNaire has a unique business model that sets it apart from the competition.

The affiliate marketing platform focuses on connecting the creators of digital products to customers using a network of affiliates. The product creators (otherwise known as vendors) create the product, the affiliates promote it to the general public, and everyone involved earns in the end.

The platform claims to have sold over 100,000 products so far, which isn’t a stretch, given the level of exposure that they have. Also, they have over 70 product creators, with 30,000 affiliates ready to amplify any product that they push out to the platform.

While these claims sound impressive, they’re riddled with some numerical discrepancies that reduced my attraction to the platform. However, that doesn’t mean ExpertNaire is a scam; if anything, most of those statistics are quite wrong.

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How to Make Money with ExpertNaire

There are two (three) ways to make money on ExpertNaire, but both ways are nothing like those of competing affiliate marketing platforms. You can either register as a vendor to sell your digital products or register as an affiliate to market the products that the vendors create to sell on the platform.

Either way, you have to make a relatively large commitment, which you don’t usually see with other affiliate marketing platforms. For simplicity, I’ll divide this section into two parts; one for vendors and the other for affiliates to give you a deep dive into how you can make money online on this platform.

How to Make Money on ExpertNaire as an Affiliate

If you’re reading this article, you’re likely contemplating signing up for the platform as an affiliate. As you may already know, affiliate marketers don’t usually take the pains to create a product. Instead, they help product creators market their already existing merchandise for a commission that varies based on the product being promoted.

The primary difference between affiliate marketing with ExpertNaire and affiliate marketing with competing platforms like Amazon is the barrier to entry. To become a member, you must pay a registration fee of NGN10,000. While that doesn’t sound excessive, I’m still finding it difficult to find another top affiliate marketing platform that explicitly requires you to pay.

When you register to become an affiliate on ExpertNaire, you’ll have access to a whole lot of products that you can promote to make money. It’s crucial to note that the platform only sells digital products; mostly in the form of eBooks and video courses with a moderate cost for the Nigerian market.

With products on the homepage ranging from NGN7,500 to as high as NGN49,000, there are just so many options for you on ExpertNaire. Also, the website claims that affiliates can earn up to 75% commission on a single sale, making it a mouthwatering offer for any affiliate marketer.

expertnaire signup

How to Register as an Affiliate on ExpertNaire | How to Join ExpertNaire

Before you can make money as an affiliate on ExpertNaire, you must fill out a short form that asks you to enter your full name as well as your phone number and password. After that, however, you must make an N10,000 payment to complete your registration to the platform.

You can sign up to become an affiliate in two different ways. Firstly, you can click on the affiliate link at the top right corner of the interface. When it loads up the page, click on the orange sign-up button to continue with your registration.

Alternatively, you can open the URL directly on your favorite browser ( It doesn’t matter how you sign up, the process will be more or less the same.

After entering the necessary details, click on the terms and conditions link to read through it and check the box beside it to agree. Seriously, you must read the terms and conditions or the website won’t even allow you to check the box.

After checking the box, click on the register button and you’ll see a popup notifying you that you need to make an NGN10,000 payment. Click on “Yes, Continue,” and it will load the payment gateway right on the page where you can make your payment instantly.

It’s crucial to note that the payment is annual. As long as you plan to remain a member of ExpertNaire, you must be willing to make the same payment every year to renew your membership. Again, for an affiliate marketing company, that’s somewhat laughable.

How to Make Money on ExpertNaire as a Vendor

Apart from being an affiliate marketer, you can also be a vendor that creates products for sale on the website. With the statistic quoted on the website (70+ vendors), it’s easy to conclude that being a vendor on ExpertNaire is not as easy as it seems. However, I think this is more of a discrepancy on ExpertNaire’s part since there can’t be only 70 vendors.

If you’re looking to become a vendor on the platform, the number of existing vendors doesn’t matter that much. You can always follow the instructions on the ExpertNaire website to register yourself as a new vendor or product creator.

Something you might want to know as a vendor on the platform is that you’ll be required to pay NGN25,000 annually, as opposed to the NGN10,000 that affiliates pay. That seems like a fair price since there’s always a price to pay for publicity.

There’s no form for vendor registration on the website. If you intend to become a new vendor, you’ll have to send an email directly to ExpertNaire. In the email, the platform requires you to expressly include the percentage you intend to pay affiliates and details of your support page.

In addition to that, you must include a link to your sales page, which is necessary for all products on ExpertNaire. They must also be able to assess the delivery system to ascertain that customers won’t go through unnecessary trouble after paying for your product.

After ExpertNaire goes through the details you supply, they’ll either approve or decline your request. If they approve it, you’ll also get a vendor account that you can use to track your sales on the platform. ExpertNaire charges 10% on each product sold and pays vendors what they earn twice every week on Fridays.

Is ExpertNaire Legit or Scam?

With this ExpertNaire review drawing to a close, a question should keep reverberating in your mind: is ExpertNaire a good affiliate marketing platform? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is not as straightforward as you’d want it to be.

While there are so many things I hate about the platform, that doesn’t necessarily make it a scam. Since this section of the review is my opinion about the platform, here are some of the aspects of ExpertNaire that aren’t really what you want from an affiliate marketing platform.

1. Registration Fees

The idea of ExpertNaire charging vendors and affiliates for registration is uncalled for and largely unjustified. Affiliate marketing platforms do not charge members to register and promote items on the platform. The only charge that ExpertNaire can justify is that of registering as a vendor and even that is excessive.

Recall that the platform already charges 10% of the total price of a product, no questions asked. If a vendor sells a product worth NGN50,000, ExpertNaire takes NGN5,000 before splitting the rest between the vendor and the affiliate.

When you add that to what they already charge annually, you’ll note that the registration fees are unnecessary. The fact that ExpertNaire doesn’t handle shipping or even the online delivery system makes it very hard to justify the registration fees for vendors.

On the part of the affiliate marketers, however, there’s no question. Every affiliate marketer can agree with me that you shouldn’t have to pay to register for a platform. The fact that ExpertNaire is an exception, even when they already earn 10% of every product sale is enough proof that they don’t believe you’ll ever sell a product in the first place.

2. The Unfair Divide

ExpertNaire divides the proceeds from a sale too unfairly, making it hard on the product creators. In addition to the annual NGN25,000 commitment, vendors also have to pay a hefty commission to both ExpertNaire and the affiliate which doesn’t make sense in my opinion.

For every product sale on ExpertNaire, the platform takes a 10% cut. If the information on their website is anything to go by, affiliates can earn up to a 75% commission. When you do the math, you’ll notice that ExpertNaire leaves vendors with no other option than to hike the prices of goods to meet up with their target, and that brings us to the next point: expensive products.

3. Expensive Products

Before you start laughing at me, I’m not poor (I’m poor now. Send me money haha), and I don’t think NGN49,000 is a hefty price for a good copywriting course. However, the issue is that you can find almost any ExpertNaire product somewhere else for considerably cheaper than its price on the platform.

Let’s take “The Foreign Copywriting Initiative” by Andy Mukolo for example. The course sells for NGN49,000 on the ExpertNaire website, but when you go to Andy’s website, you can get it for NGN25,000; that saves you half the price!

The reason for that is simple. Andy pays NGN25,000 to list the product and ExpertNaire takes an NGN4,900 cut on every sale. While I’m not sure about the commission for affiliates, it must be around 50%. If that’s the case, Andy Mukolo only gets NGN19,600 from every sale, even when he’s the creator of the product.

The price of the product doesn’t even bother me that much; what bothers me is the fact that Andy has his sales page up, selling the product for NGN25,000. That makes it almost impossible for affiliates to make a sale on his product, especially if the target customers are tech-savvy.

In addition to that, customers will feel betrayed when they discover that the product they paid NGN49,000 to buy is available by the same vendor for NGN25,000. Since it’s improper for the use of affiliate marketing to cause an increase in the price of a product, ExpertNaire’s implementation is bad.


Is ExpertNaire a scam? No, it isn’t. At the moment, ExpertNaire pays affiliates who sell enough products to warrant payment. The platform also pays vendors for every sale of their course fortnightly. However, being legitimate or a scam isn’t the only requirement for jumping on a money-making opportunity.

If you’re just starting with affiliate marketing, ExpertNaire would be a terrible place to start. It will give you a terrible idea of how affiliate marketing works, no thanks to its unique but flawed system.

The fact that most Expertnaire affiliates focus more on marketing the platform than the products is also pretty disturbing, as that goes against the very purpose of affiliate marketing.

Fun Fact: If ExpertNaire has around 30,000 affiliates and has sold 100,000 products, it would be three products per affiliate. Do with this whatever you wish.

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