How to Use the Zenith Bank Airtime Transfer Code

zenith bank airtime transfer code
zenith bank airtime transfer code

Are you on the lookout for the Zenith Bank airtime transfer code? This is the ideal location for you. Here you will find step-by-step guides for transferring airtime using Zenith Bank transfer codes. As a result, the focus of this article will be on transfer codes and how to use them.

Sometimes, it is very difficult to stress yourself to a nearby shop to buy airtime, but Zenith Bank has made it simpler for you to buy and transfer airtime for yourself, your relatives, and your loved ones. This will avoid the stress of walking out of your room to look for where they are selling airtime. With Zenith Bank codes, you can buy or transfer airtime at any time, even at midnight. 

Interestingly, these airtime transfer codes when using them do not involve extra charges, the exact amount will be deducted from your bank account. In this article, I’ll show you how to purchase airtime and make other transactions using the Zenith Bank airtime transfer code.

Internet connection is not necessary for transfers with the Zenith Bank transfer code, all you need is to dial *966# on any mobile phone to have a list of Zenith USSD banking services on offer.

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How To Purchase Airtime With Zenith Bank Artime Transfer Code

Before purchasing airtime using the Zenith bank airtime transfer code, you may want to ensure that you’re using the phone number linked to your Zenith Bank account. If you don’t have the phone number anymore, you may want to link your new number by visiting one of the bank’s branches.

Once you have a linked number, you can easily purchase airtime for yourself (the number linked to the Zenith account) by following the steps below.

1. How to Self Top-up Using Zenith Bank Transfer Code

To purchase airtime for the number linked to your Zenith Bank account using the Zenith Bank airtime transfer code, simply dial *966*amount#. For example, if you’re trying to recharge N1000, you can dial *966*amount# and the number will be credited automatically.

Again, this only works if you’re trying to top up the phone number that’s currently linked to your Zenith Bank account. Before dialing this code, you may want to confirm that you intend to purchase airtime on the same number you use for receiving alerts.

2. How to Transfer Airtime to Others Using Zenith Airtime Transfer Code.

This section shows you how to send airtime to your friends and loved ones even if their phone number is not connected to your account. Since their number is foreign, you’ll have to specify it explicitly when trying to purchase the airtime.

To buy airtime for others, simply dial *966*amount*phone pumber# using the line registered with your Zenith Bank account. The phone number should be the line you’re trying to top up, but you should dial the code from the number linked to your Zenith Bank account anyway.

(For example. *966*500*08123456789#) to buy N500 worth of airtime for 08123456789.

Once the transfer is successful, Zenith will send you a debit alert and the specified phone number will be credited with the amount you recharged almost instantaneously.

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How to Pay Bills with Zenith Bank Transfer Code

Amazingly, you can also pay your bills such as PHCN, DSTV, and GOTV bills with Zenith Bank USSD code.

Simply dial *966*7*amount*Customer ID# on your phone and follow all the steps. ( For example, *966*7*10,000*673712#.

You can also pay other billers by dialing *966*6*Biller code*rate# and following all the prompts that you encounter.

How To Check Your Account Balance Using Zenith Bank USSD Code

You can check your Zenith Bank account balance by dialing *966*00# from the number connected to your Zenith Bank account. After a few seconds, you should receive an SMS with the amount in your account.

How to open a Zenith Bank account Using the Zenith Bank Code

There are different ways of creating a Zenith account; from the online option to visiting a physical bank. However, the most convenient way of opening an account from any device is dialing *966*0# and following the on-screen prompts.

They will register your phone number automatically and send you a verification code via SMS. When signing in using this method, you don’t need to complete or submit any forms. The bank will send you your 10-digit NUBAN account number after completing sign-up.

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How to Update Your BVN using Zenith Bank USSD Code.

Gone were those days when people went to the bank to update their BVN. Today, you can update your Zenith Bank verification number (BVN) by simply dialing *966*BVN# using the line registered with your Zenith Bank account.

What if you are unable to use the Zenith USSD code?

If you noticed, you’ll need access to your registered phone number to use the Zenith USSD code. For people who may not have access to the phone number they used while registering for a Zenith Bank account, how do they get to access the Zenith Bank airtime transfer code?

Simply download and install Zenith Bank’s mobile app on your phone. If you have not used the app before, they will ask you to sign in but if you have previously used it, you may simply log in. You can either register as an internet banking user or as a non-internet Banking user.


By now, you should have a good understanding of the Zenith Bank airtime transfer code. With minimal effort, you can give it a trial by buying airtime using the USSD code stated above We are always here to provide you with technical assistance that will make your life easier.

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