How to Check Union Bank Account Balance Instantly (5 Methods)

check union bank account balance

What would happen if we couldn’t check your bank’s account balance? Simple, our finances will be messy, mismanaged, and unorganized because we’ll soon lose count of how much we have left after spending from our balance.

Luckily, Union bank has many ways by which you can check your account balance. The bank has optimized its mobile platforms to enable customers effortlessly check their balances from their devices. You don’t need to enter a long queue at the bank to look up your balance.

Whether directly or through your phone, read on to discover the many ways to check Union Bank balance.

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How to Check Union Bank Account Balance

As mentioned earlier, there are many ways you can check your Union Bank balance. Here are some of the methods by which you can check your Union Bank account balance easily for little or no charge.

  1. Through the USSD code option
  2. Through the Mobile app
  3. Online, through internet banking
  4. Through an ATM
  5. Through SMS or Email Alerts

How to Check Union Bank Account Balance with USSD Code

The USSD code for checking your Union Bank balance is *826*4#. Note that you must dial the code using the number linked to your Union Bank account. Enter your 4-digit pin to confirm the transaction, and the bank will show you your account balance.

It’s imperative to note that you have to set up the bank’s USSD banking feature for the code to work. You can register for USSD banking by dialing *826# and following the appropriate instructions.

It’s essential to set up the USSD banking code for your device as you stand to benefit from other banking services. Other services you can use the *826# code for include paying utility bills, fund transfers, checking account numbers, checking BVN, etc. The USSD code can work with any of the mobile networks in the country.

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How to Check Union Bank Account Balance Online

Union Bank has an online portal where you can access numerous banking services from the comfort of your device. Simply log in to the online portal here and navigate the internet banking section, where you can check your account balance.

Note that you can’t check your balance if you didn’t register online banking details. Simply visit the Union bank portal if you want to sign up. Alternatively, you can also check your balance through the mobile app.

How to Check Union Account Balance Using the Mobile App

The mobile app is probably the most convenient method of checking your account balance. To use the app, simply download it from the app store and log in with your bank details. You can check your account details with the app anytime and anywhere on your device.

A significant downside of online apps and internet banking is their dependence on internet connection. Apart from this disadvantage, you can carry out numerous banking services on the go using the mobile app.

How to Check Union Bank Account Balance Using an ATM

While you usually use ATMs to withdraw money from your account, they also provide updated account balances. Simply insert your ATM card into any Union Bank’s ATMs and follow the instructions to check your account balance. Note that Union bank may charge you for the balance check, especially if you use another bank’s ATM.

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How to Check Union Bank Account Balance Through Alerts

Union bank will send you alerts and notifications when you withdraw, spend, or deposit money in your account. You can also get these alerts when other important things happen with your account, and the bank will usually display your current account balance with these alerts.

Depending on your account settings or type, these alerts can be SMS, email, or both. Go through some of your most recent transaction notifications from Union Bank to check your account balance using this option.


There’s all there is to check your Union bank account balance. Many people don’t register for mobile or online banking and rely on SMS alerts to check their balances. Although this isn’t illegal, it’s essential to register for mobile banking as there are other services besides checking balances. Moreover, why wait till you get an alert before checking your account balance?

Although checking your balance is essential, it isn’t the only vital aspect of account maintenance. It’s important to carry out all the critical elements of account maintenance because our finances are crucial to our well-being. Also, have a good rapport with your account manager, who will inform you of the latest developments and banking services.

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