Fifth Third Bank Identification Code for Wire Transfers

fifth third bank identification code
fifth third bank identification code

Technology isn’t where it used to be last ten years. People now transact business effortlessly with counterparts from around the globe, increasing the need for international transfers.

If you use Fifth Third Bank and want to make international transfers, you’ll need the Bank Identification Code. The BIC is also necessary for making local wire transfers. The bank identification code for different bank branches isn’t the same, so you’ll need to get the correct code for your bank branch.

Here, you’ll get all the information you may need about the Fifth Third Bank Identification code and insight into other similar and necessary transfer codes.

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What Is the Fifth Third Bank Identification Code?

Before proceeding, note that the SWIFT code is the same as the Bank Identification Code, and since that is the case, I may use both terms interchangeably throughout the article. Some financial institutions might use SWIFT codes instead of BIC on your financial documents.

SWIFT stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, where the term SWIFT code originated. They are the body responsible for issuing and managing bank identification codes globally.

Earlier in the article, I’ve hinted at the meaning of the Bank Identification code. However, this definition is fundamental, and this section will explain it extensively.

Bank Identification codes are codes used to identify your bank when making international money transfers. Your bank can also use the code to process transfers to ensure they are successful.

It’s imperative to note you also need the receiver’s SWIFT code during international money transfers. This process implies that if you’re in another country, you’ll need the BIC for the receiver’s bank branch to complete the transaction successfully.

These codes are usually 8 or 11 characters. The eight-character version refers to your bank’s head branch, while the 11-digit code refers to your specific bank’s branch or any other bank branch. Bank Identification codes also make it easier to correct transfer mistakes as it’s easy to trace the origin.

There’s all there is to the definition of a Bank Identification Code. The following section will provide a breakdown of a typical SWIFT code to better aid your understanding of the concept.

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Fifth Third Bank Swift Code Format

I hinted earlier that a SWIFT code could be 8 or 11 characters, and the 11 character is the most common, consisting of four parts.

Assuming a Fifth Third Bank Code AAAA-BB-CC-DDD, the first part consists of the first four characters (AAAA) and signifies the bank’s global presence. The first four characters are the same for all the bank’s branches.

The second section would be the following two characters (BB), which signify the bank’s location by country.

The third section is the following two characters (DD), and they represent the specific location of the bank’s branch.

The final section consists of the last three letters representing the receiving bank’s branch. You should’ve guessed that this code is unique for all banks.

That concludes the primary structure of a Bank Identification Code. Knowing how to identify one might be necessary for when next you want to make an international transfer. The following section will tell you the Fifth Third Specific Bank Identification code.

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What’s the Fifth Third Bank Identification Code in the United States

The SWIFT code for Fifth Third Bank is FTBCU3CXXX, and t’s the bank’s medium for exchanging messages during wired local and international transfers. As mentioned earlier, the bank uses different codes for different bank branches and services.

How to Get the Fifth Third Bank Identification Code

You can contact the bank to get the specific SWIFT code for your branch or transaction. Alternatively, simply login to your online banking portal and look at a recent bank statement to get hints on how to check your SWIFT code.

Note that you might need to use a lookup tool to find the correct SWIFT code for your branch and transaction. Lastly, ensuring that you’re using the valid SWIFT code for your transaction is essential. You risk your payment being delayed or rejected by using the wrong code.

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How to Send Money Using the Fifth Third Bank Identification Code

You can make international transfers directly through Fifth Third Bank, which involves setting up the transfer online or by phone. Alternatively, you can contact the bank through a call, but you could be spending more than just processing the payment online.


That’s all you need to know about the Fifth Third Bank Swift Code for international money transfers. I mentioned the importance of learning to look up and spot the correct SWIFT code for your transaction. However, I would also like to point out the importance of knowing how to use the code during international transfers.

Our finances are highly crucial, and it would help if we always handled them perfectly. Note that the internet is always your friend if you need information concerning the Fifth Third or any other Bank Identification Code.

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