What is the FCMB Code to Check Balance?

what is the fcmb code to check balance

There are many ways to check your First City Monument Bank (FCMB) account balance, with the most straightforward way being the USSD code method. It requires no data or internet connection, and the code will work on any mobile network.

Although dialing the code is easy, you might need to set up USSD banking to utilize its features. In this article, you’ll learn everything you may need to know about using the FCMB code to check your balance and also get essential mobile banking tips.

fcmb code to check balance

What is FCMB USSD Banking?

USSD-based mobile banking is a form of mobile banking that requires you to use dialed codes to perform basic banking transactions on your device. You can check your account balance, send money, buy airtime, pay bills, and do numerous other transactions. However, you’ll have to register for FCMB USSD banking before you can use the code for your banking services.

You can access the USSD banking 24/7. FCMB also mandates you to create a unique pin that you will use for transactions. This pin is strictly confidential, but it’s different from your ATM pin, meaning you can only use it with USSD banking.

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How to Activate FCMB Mobile Banking

FCMB will automatically set you up for USSD banking once you open an account with them, and you’ll only need to activate it to get started. You can only use the phone number connected to your FCMB account to activate the USSD banking.

Follow these steps to activate USSD banking on your device.

1. Dial *329*214#

The bank will ask you how you want to activate the service. You can register it with a card, account, or wallet. In this case, select activate with account for easy access and send.

2. Enter your account number in the next section and press send.

The bank will notify you if the process is successful. You can now go to reset your pin and begin banking.

Now that you’ve activated the Mobile banking, the next step is setting up your transaction code. The following section will show you how to set up your FCMB USSD transaction code.

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How to Create your FCMB Transaction Code

You might need to create a transaction code to use the USSD code for your banking services. The FCMB code is a unique 4-digit number that allows you to transfer NGN500,000 daily. Follow these steps to set up your transaction pin.

Dial *329*0# and select create or reset code. The bank will ask you to select your card if you have multiple ATM cards. Enter your ATM card pin and create your unique 4-digit code. Like every password rule, choose a strong one you can easily remember for transactions.

Enter your USSD pin to confirm the procedures and you’ve successfully created a unique transaction pin.

How to Check Balance Using FCMB USSD Code

Checking your account balance with the FCMB transfer code is straightforward, and you can check it anytime on your device by dialing *329*00#. You can check the account balance as much time as you want. However, FCMB will deduct a charge of NGN10 for every session.

Alternative Ways to Check your FCMB Account Balance

Apart from using USSD, you can check your account balance through customer care, bank app, or FCMB online banking.

Online Banking

Go to the official FCMB online banking portal and log into your account; you might need to sign up if you don’t have an existing account. The bank will always display your account balance on the main page, but you can click on “Accounts” and “Check Balance” from the drop-down menu to get more details about your balance. You’ll see all your recent confirmed and pending transactions in the correct order.

You can also check your account history by clicking on “History.” The bank will show you details of all the transactions on your account.


You can also check the balance on your phone through the bank’s customer care number. Dial the FCMB customer care and input your account number and pin when the computer requests it. Listen to the options carefully to select the one that lets you check your account balance, and the computer will grant your request.

Bank App

Another way to check your account balance is by using the FCMB mobile app. Install the app on your app store and register by following the easy processes. The app will always display your balance by default, like internet banking. You can also request account statements, see recent transactions, pay bills, etc.

How to Check Mini-Statements Using FCMB Code to Check Balance

FCMB also allows you to check mini bank statements by dialing *322*1#. Mini statements are a simplified version of your account statements that show only the last five transactions. You can’t use a mini statement as payment proof, and the bank won’t print your address on it.

Alternative ways to check mini statements include internet banking and mobile app.

FCMB USSD Banking Codes

As I mentioned earlier, there are numerous other functions of USSD banking. Here are some essential codes you might need when using Uthe service.

Dial *329*Amount# will top up your mobile phone and *329*Amount*Mobile Number# to top up a third-party mobile number.

Dial *329*1*Mobile Number# to buy data on any phone.

Dial *329*Amount*Account Number# to transfer funds to any bank of your choice.

Dial *329*0# to reset your pin or create a transaction code.

Dial *329*Amount*Smartcard NO# to pay for your TV subscription.

These are some other USSD banking codes that you may need in your daily transactions.

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Checking your account balance enables you to manage your account balance effectively. You can detect problems early, keep tabs on your spending and prevent overdrafts. While checking your balance doesn’t seem to have any side effects, you should be careful when making other transactions, as most of them are irreversible when completed.

Additionally, you should check your account balance at least once a week to detect any irregularities with your account early. Lastly, ensure that you protect your USSD banking details to avoid problems.

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