How to Fund the GTBank Virtual Card in Nigeria Easily

how to fund the gtbank virtual card in nigeria easily

Some customers prefer not to use their physical debit cards for online shopping for security purposes. Luckily, GTBank came up with the Virtual Card to provide an alternative way of making online payments.

However, you can do more with the virtual card than you think. In this article, you’ll find out what is a GTBank virtual debit card, its importance, and how you can fund GTBank virtual card Nigeria.

How to Fund GTBank Virtual Card Nigeria

What is the GTBank Virtual Card?

The GTBank virtual card is a digital payment card designed to help online shoppers with secure and flexible alternatives to physical payment cards. Customers can do almost everything that they can do on their physical cards on the virtual version. They can also use the card as an alternative in case they lose their physical cards.

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How to Apply for the GTBank Virtual Bank Card

Applying for the GTBank virtual bank card is easy if you know the steps involved. All you have to do is log in to your internet banking portal and request the virtual card. Follow these steps to request the card.

  • Go to the GTBank internet banking platform and log in using your user ID and password.
  • Select “cards” from the left-hand panel and fill out the required form to proceed.
  • You’ll need to click on the request button to confirm your request.
  • Select the account that you want the bank to debit for your card charges.
  • Check the “Account to Link” and accept the “Terms and Conditions” boxes to confirm the action.
  • Answer the secret question and click on continue, and the computer will provide a confirmation button to enable you to proceed with the process.
  • Generate your 6-digit token from your hardware token device and input it on the confirmation page. It’s compulsory to confirm your authenticity using the 6-digit token for maximum security.
  • Upon a successful request, internet banking will display your virtual card details. You’ll see the card’s expiry date, activation code, CVV, and card number.

These are the steps required to request the GTbank virtual MasterCard. You should consider reading carefully to understand the steps before initiating the process to avoid making costly mistakes. The following section will touch on some notable features of the virtual card.

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Features and Benefits of the GTBank Virtual Card Nigeria

The virtual MasterCard is accessible, meaning you can use it for transactions anywhere and anytime it’s accepted.

As the name implies, the virtual card doesn’t exist physically, so it isn’t prone to theft. Additionally, it eliminates any cash-carrying risk and is convenient to use.

You can use the card to make local and international payments, and many international online stores like Amazon, ASOS, Curtis, and River Island support it. GTBank can convert the card to a physical bank card if you want and satisfies all the requirements.

The card has a validity period of 3 years, after which you can renew the card to continue to enjoy convenient virtual payments online.

If you’re looking to convert your virtual prepaid card to a physical MasterCard debit card, you can do that easily. The following section shows you how.

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How to Convert your Virtual Pre-paid Card to a Physical Master Card

You can easily convert your Virtual bank card to a physical card through the card’s menu, and you’ll get your physical debit card at a registered GTBank branch. This change will enable the card to serve the purposes of a physical card rather than a virtual one.

Follow the following steps to convert the virtual card to a physical one.

  • In the card menu, click on “convert to physical card.”
  • Select the account that you want the bank to debit.
  • Select the pickup branch you want, preferably the one closest to you.
  • Answer the secret question and click “Continue” to proceed with the process.
  • The bank will notify you if your request is complete. It will also let you know the date and time you should come for your card pickup. Lastly, the card will no longer be available as a virtual card.

There”s how to covert your virtual card to a physical one. The following section will show you how to fund the GTbank virtual bank card.

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How to Fund GTBank Virtual Bank Card

You can fund your GTBank virtual card account either through your original bank account or mobile wallet; dial *737*10#, select the top-up option and select the source of funds (bank account or mobile wallet.) Confirm the action by entering your pin, and the bank will send the requested amount to your account.

Alternatively, you can use the “Own Account Transfer” option in your internet banking. However, you should ensure that you have the virtual card listed on your internet banking dashboard, or the process will be impossible.

What is GTBank Virtual Card Limit?

The daily funding limit is NGN100,000. However, you can spend up to NGN500,000 on transactions daily.

Also, the maximum balance you can store on the virtual card is NGN500,000. However, you can keep much more on your bank account and fund the virtual bank account anytime you want. The virtual bank card uses a separate account balance from your primary bank account.

I would advise that you fund the virtual card only when you need it, as it isn’t your primary bank account. The NGN500,000 maximum funding limit is low if you deal with plenty of money.

If your card expires with funds inside, the bank will transfer all the money into the bank account you regularly use for the funding.

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Using the GTBank virtual bank card is convenient for online shopping if you know your way around. It’s essential that you read and understand the terms and conditions of the virtual card before applying for it to avoid regrets. However, there aren’t many complexities with applying for the card, so you shouldn’t have problems.

The security of your bank accounts is directly up to you. You should avoid leaking your login details to anyone, even if they pose as bank agents because GTBank won’t request your login details. Lastly, use only the authorized GTbank portals for your internet banking as there are many clone websites looking to access your bank details.

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