How to Delete Transaction History on UBA Mobile App

how to delete transaction history on uba mobile app

Sometimes, you look at your spending and decide you’ve overdone it a bit. In a bid to erase your mistakes and start managing your spending, you try to delete a transaction on your mobile app, but it doesn’t work. So, you ask: how do you delete a transaction history on the UBA mobile app?

Short answer: you can’t. You can’t delete your transaction history on the UBA mobile banking app, and it’s illegal for UBA to provide you with such a feature. The Federal Government requires banks to keep a non-destructible history of your transactions for your reference, hence, your transaction history.

Long answer: stick around to the end of this post. Here, I’ll show you how to check and delete your transaction history on the mobile app, if that’s possible. If not, you’ll learn why banks forbid you from deleting your transaction history in detail.

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How Do I Check My Transaction History on UBA Mobile App?

Your transaction history is private, but you can always access it when you log into the UBA mobile app. It’s also available from the UBA internet banking website, as SMS through a USSD code, and across all UBA ATMs.

Since we’re talking about the mobile app here, here’s how to check your transaction history on the UBA mobile app.

  1. Open the UBA app on your smartphone and sign into your account using the correct details.
  2. Select the Transfer tab from the bottom icon row. 
  3. You’ll see your transaction history below the regular and frequent transfer commands.

However, the version of your transaction history on the Transfer tab is incomplete, as it only records money you send out of your account. If you want a more detailed transaction history, request a statement of account, which is also possible within the UBA app.

To request your account statement, open the UBA app, log in to your dashboard, and select “Self-Service.” Tap on Bank Statement from the options on the resulting screen and choose a timeline for the statement you need. You can request a bank statement for up to one year on the UBA mobile app.

Some alternative ways to access your transaction history are on WhatsApp through Leo and the UBA internet banking platform. Since this post is mainly about the UBA mobile app, I won’t explain either of those steps in detail.

How to Delete Transaction History on UBA Mobile App?

As you should already know, if you paid attention to the introductory part, it’s not possible to delete your transaction history on the UBA mobile app. You won’t find an option to delete or even hide your recent transfers on the app; they’re available whenever you log in with your account details.

If you have multiple bank accounts, you should understand that this behavior is not unique to the UBA mobile app. All other Nigerian banks let you access your transaction history from the app in one way or another without providing a way to delete or modify them.

If you’re wondering why that is the case, you’ll learn it if you stick around. In the following section, I’ll show you why Nigerian banks and payment platforms don’t let you delete your transaction history from their mobile apps.

Why Banks Don’t Let You Delete Your Transaction History

Most Nigerian banks and payment wallets don’t let you delete your transaction history because the government legally requires them to keep it. It forms a permanent record of how you use their services, which they mustn’t alter.

It’s safe to say a bank could land itself in huge legal trouble by simply offering customers a way to delete or alter their transaction history. Apart from the legal side, it generally sounds wrong for a bank to let you modify or delete your transaction history for safety and ethical reasons.

For example, if someone gains access to your UBA mobile app username and password, they can defraud you by sending your money to their bank accounts. Your only hope of knowing where they’re sending it to is through your transaction history; now, imagine if it’s deletable.

Even if you uninstall the UBA mobile app, there are other ways to access your account statement that contains a copy of your transaction history. There’s only one way to delete your UBA transaction history, which you’ll only learn by sticking around for one more section.

Can I Delete My Bank Transaction History?

The answer up until this point has been no, and that’s true, but nothing is impossible if you’re willing to sacrifice. You can delete your bank transaction history if you can forgo the bank account itself, which I believe is a huge sacrifice for the unnecessary result.

You already know where I’m going with this; if you can show up at a UBA branch to close your account, the bank will eventually delete all the information they have about you, including your transaction history.

Depending on UBA’s privacy policy, they may keep it for a couple of weeks or even years after you close your account to fulfill government obligations. However, the transaction history will be inaccessible from the UBA mobile app.

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Nigerian banks, including UBA, cannot allow customers to delete their transaction histories. Getting rid of your bank account is the only option if you have to do it. However, I don’t see how that is a worthy sacrifice for the goal unless there’s more to it than meets the eye.

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