Why is my UBA account showing balance unavailable?


Most of us are aware of the amount in our bank accounts, but there’s still a certain level of satisfaction and reassurance that comes with seeing that figure when you open your bank app. So, when you open the UBA mobile app and see the dreaded balance unavailable message, you simply have to ask: “Why is my UBA account showing balance unavailable?

Thankfully, we might have an answer for you. In this concise article, you’ll learn why your UBA account is showing balance unavailable and how to fix the problem.

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    Why is my UBA account showing balance unavailable?

    The balance unavailable error message is no cause for alarm, as it typically arises as a result of an issue with the bank’s network. If you’re the only one facing the issue, you should be able to access your account balance by retrying, but if it’s a general server downtime, you may need to wait.

    If you’re experiencing the issue on the app or on the internet banking portal, simply log out of your account and log in again. While that should work in most cases, you should consider waiting 30 minutes before retrying if it doesn’t.

    Another option to try is checking your account balance via alternative means that UBA supports. You can try the USSD code option or use a debit or credit card to check your UBA account balance at any supported ATM.

    If none of those options work, it’s likely a widespread issue affecting most UBA users or a restriction on your account specifically. You can contact UBA customer support for help or visit your bank to fix issues with your bank if that’s the case.

    Remember to never fix any ‘issues’ with your bank account on a call with supposed agents of your bank. If anyone reaches you and tries to convince you to divulge sensitive information on a call, simply ignore them and contact your bank immediately.

    Why was my UBA account frozen?

    Before we proceed, it’s essential to note that the “balance unavailable” message doesn’t automatically imply that your UBA bank account is frozen. While it may be one of the signs, users that encounter “balance unavailable” will eventually get access to their account.

    With that said, there are a couple of reasons why your account might be frozen. Some popular reasons include suspected fraudulent transactions, a government request, or an authorized individual asking for the account to be frozen.

    You’ll have to show up at a UBA branch to get the specific reason for your account freeze and get it fixed if possible.


    Your UBA app showing account balance unavailable may seem worrying, but it’s typically harmless and no cause for alarm. In most cases, logging out of your account and logging back in or using a different method to check your account balance should fix the issue.

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