ASM Global Stars Scholarship | How To Apply

ASM Global Stars Scholarship

Have you ever dreamed of making it big in the entertainment industry? Or perhaps you’re drawn towards a future in business, IT, or public relations? Imagine being handed a golden ticket to kickstart your journey in these fields. The ASM Global Stars Scholarship is that golden ticket.

ASM Global is a beacon of inspiration in the world of entertainment. Pioneering live experiences, they’ve made countless dreams come true, on and off the stage. But do you know what’s even more commendable? Their unwavering commitment to uplifting the next generation of stars through the ASM Global Stars Scholarship.

Why the ASM Global Stars Scholarship?

Why settle for the sky when there are stars to catch? This scholarship isn’t just financial aid; it’s a promise. A promise to support those dreamers and hard workers who’ve felt the universe pulling them towards a particular path. By connecting passionate students with resources, ASM Global is ensuring a brighter future for the world of live experiences.

Eligibility Criteria

Gender and Ethnicity: Only high school seniors, graduates, or current undergraduates in the U.S. who self-identify as female or hail from historically underserved racial or ethnic backgrounds are eligible.

Residency: Residing in an eligible city is a must. Check the application site for a comprehensive list.

Academic Requirements: A minimum GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale is mandatory.

Course of Study: Enrolling for the entire upcoming academic year in an accredited institution, be it two-year, four-year, or vocational-technical.

Preferred Study Areas

Are you inclined towards any of the following domains?

  • Business/International Business (such as Marketing, Information Systems)
  • Hospitality/Entertainment/Sports Management
  • Culinary Arts
  • Communications/Public Relations/Digital Media
  • Information Technology
  • Graphic Design

If yes, then the universe is probably nudging you to grab this opportunity!

Financial Rewards

Money can be a hindrance, but not with ASM Global. If selected, you’ll be awarded a whopping $2,500 scholarship. Think of it as fuel for your rocket, propelling you towards your dreams.

How to Apply

Application details are just a click away on the ASM Global website. Ensure you meet all criteria and have all documents ready. A hint? Demonstrating financial need will significantly boost your chances.

Eligible Cities

Among others, if you’re from California, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nevada, New York, Oklahoma, or Pennsylvania, you’re on the right track!

Making Your Application Stand Out

The trick? Be genuine. Share your story, passion, and aspirations. Let ASM Global know why you’re not just another applicant, but a future star.

The Power of Live Experience

The best memories aren’t just lived; they’re experienced. The thrill of a live concert or the electric energy of a sporting event – ASM Global believes in the unparalleled power of such experiences. This scholarship seeks individuals who resonate with this belief.


The ASM Global Stars Scholarship isn’t merely a grant; it’s a chance. A chance to become a part of a legacy, to lay the foundation of a future that shines as bright as the stars. Will you take the stage?


Is the scholarship open to all U.S. states?
No, only residents of specific cities can apply. Check the official site for a detailed list.

Do I need to demonstrate financial need?
Yes, it’s one of the key criteria for the scholarship.

Is there a deadline for the application?
Yes, you must apply before June 5, 2024.

How many scholarships are awarded each year?
This year, ASM Global plans to award scholarships to 50 deserving students.

Can male candidates apply for the scholarship?
Only if they belong to a historically underserved racial or ethnic background.

Your dreams are valid, and ASM Global wants to help you realize them. Are you ready to shine?

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