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Brave of Heart Scholarship

Every silver lining has a cloud, and while the COVID-19 pandemic has brought immense hardship, it’s also given rise to initiatives that celebrate the selflessness and sacrifice of our frontline heroes. Enter the Brave of Heart Scholarship Program.

Have you ever considered how we can honor those who gave their all during these trying times? Read on to find out how this scholarship is making a difference.

What is the Brave of Heart Scholarship?

Picture this: a lighthouse in the storm, guiding lost ships to safety. That’s what the Brave of Heart Scholarship Program is for many – a guiding light. It supports the children, spouses, or partners of those healthcare heroes who lost their lives battling COVID-19, ensuring their dreams of higher education aren’t hampered.

Who Can Apply?

If you’re a U.S. citizen or a legal resident with plans to enroll in a recognized educational institution next academic year, this scholarship is for you. And remember, it’s not just for those fresh out of high school. Those returning to college after a break or even students studying abroad are welcome!

Eligibility Criteria

Wondering if you fit the bill? Here’s a checklist:

  • U.S. citizen or legal resident
  • Enrolling in undergraduate or graduate programs
  • Studying in accredited two- or four-year institutions
  • A GPA of 2.0 or its equivalent (although, exceptions exist)

Detailed criteria can be found on the application page, but the essence remains: this is a tribute to frontline families.

Scholarship Amount & Distribution

Money should never be a roadblock in the journey of education. With awards ranging from $5,000 to $25,000 for undergraduates, the Brave of Heart Scholarship Program ensures that financial hurdles are minimized. Graduate student? You might qualify for a whopping $50,000/year!

The Importance of Financial Support

Imagine trying to fill a container with a gaping hole. Difficult, right? Financial challenges can act as that hole for many, draining the aspirations of students. This scholarship plugs that hole, ensuring a steady path forward.

Applying without a Recent GPA

Think your absence from academia will stand against you? Think again. Even if you don’t have a recent GPA, your application will be considered. Because true potential isn’t just numbers on a paper.

The Vision Behind the Scholarship

Recognizing the brave. Celebrating the valiant. And above all, ensuring that the legacy of our frontline warriors lives on through their families. That’s the vision.

Making Education Accessible

Education shouldn’t be a luxury. By eliminating financial constraints, this program ensures it remains a right.

Benefiting Non-traditional Students

Whether you’re returning to school after years or you’re venturing out for a study-abroad program, this scholarship welcomes you.

Duration of the Scholarship

The support doesn’t end in a year. Eligible students can receive the award up to eight times or four academic years, whichever comes first.


October 5, 2023

Graduates and Higher Awards

Higher education, higher rewards. Graduate students stand a chance to receive even more significant awards.

How to Apply

Dive into the application page, go through the criteria, and remember: this isn’t a competition. All eligible candidates receive support.

A Legacy of Courage and Commitment

The spirit of our frontline heroes is immortalized through this scholarship, ensuring their dedication doesn’t fade into the annals of history.

Empowering the Future

Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. With this scholarship, they’re given the tools to carve out a brighter tomorrow.

Join the Brave of Heart Journey

Be a part of this incredible initiative. Whether you’re applying or spreading the word, every bit counts.


The Brave of Heart Scholarship Program isn’t just financial aid. It’s a symbol, a promise, and a tribute to our frontline heroes and their families. Let’s ensure their dreams and aspirations live on.


1. Is this scholarship competitive?
No, all eligible applicants receive funds.

2. I’m returning to college after a break. Can I apply without a recent GPA?
Absolutely! The scholarship considers applications even without a recent GPA.

3. How many times can one receive the award?
Eligible students can receive it up to eight times or over four academic years, whichever comes first.

4. Are there different award amounts for undergraduate and graduate students?
Yes, undergraduates can get between $5,000 to $25,000, while graduate students might qualify for up to $50,000/year.

5. Where can I find detailed eligibility criteria?
The application page offers comprehensive details about eligibility, including specific occupations and requirements.

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