Unlocking Dreams: The Allen, Dena and Michele Baum Scholarship Fund

Allen, Dena and Michele Baum Scholarship Fund

Ever gazed at a grand, looming skyscraper and marveled at its design? Or wondered how the machines in factories whirl to life? Behind all these wonders stand mechanical engineers, the maestros of the modern world’s mechanics.

Now, here’s the real question: do you, or someone you know, dream of joining these ranks? If so, the Allen, Dena and Michele Baum Scholarship Fund is the golden key to unlocking that dream, specifically for Florida’s young talents.

What is The Baum Scholarship Fund?

Much like a gardener nurturing young plants, the Allen, Dena and Michele Baum Scholarship Fund is a beacon of hope for budding mechanical engineers in Florida. Through the Boca Bearings Momentum initiative, this fund ensures that dreams don’t fall apart due to financial constraints.

Boca Bearings Momentum: A Background

Did you know? The Boca Bearings Momentum initiative has been the wind beneath the wings of many young talents. It’s like the fertile soil that makes seeds grow into strong trees. And the Baum Scholarship Fund is one of its proud branches, ensuring that the legacy of nurturing talent lives on.

Scholarship’s Monetary Value

$3,000 – it’s not just a number. It’s the amount of potential this scholarship pours into a student’s dream of becoming a mechanical engineer. Imagine what you could do with an extra $3,000? Books, courses, and maybe even a cool project!

Who Can Apply?

Are you:

  • A high school senior in Florida?
  • A high school graduate?
  • Currently a college undergrad in Florida?

If you shouted a silent ‘yes’ for any of the above, and if you see yourself in a four-year mechanical engineering program in the coming academic year, this scholarship is calling out your name.

The Importance of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is to the world what the heart is to the body. It pumps life into machines and structures. From vehicles to robots, from your kitchen blender to giant aircraft, the imprint of a mechanical engineer is everywhere.

How to Apply

Walking the scholarship path isn’t a maze. It’s more like connecting the dots. Just ensure you have all the required documents, check the deadlines, and shoot your application. Easy-peasy, right?

Study Destinations

Florida boasts a plethora of accredited colleges and universities. Imagine studying in one of these renowned institutions with the Baum Scholarship having your back. Dreamy, isn’t it?

The Selection Process

Think of this process as a treasure hunt. There’s a panel, hunting for the brightest gems. If your passion for mechanical engineering shines through, you might just be one of the chosen few!

The Power of Non-Renewable Scholarships

Why non-renewable, you ask? Well, imagine getting a fresh chance each year, a new opportunity to prove your mettle. It’s like the universe saying, “Show me what you’ve got, once more!”

Applying Again: The Reapplication Process

Missed out this year? The beauty of this scholarship is the door isn’t shut forever. As long as you’re eligible, that door is always ajar, inviting you to try again.


So, dreamers, aspiring engineers, and hopefuls of Florida, it’s time to grab this opportunity. With the Allen, Dena and Michele Baum Scholarship Fund, dreams don’t just remain dreams; they become reachable goals. Will you be the next talent to seize this golden ticket?


  1. What is the primary aim of the Allen, Dena and Michele Baum Scholarship Fund?
    • It aims to financially support Florida students pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering.
  2. Can a student apply for the scholarship every year?
    • Yes, while the scholarship is non-renewable, students can reapply each year if they meet the eligibility criteria.
  3. Are there specific colleges or universities where the scholarship fund is applicable?
    • The scholarship is valid for any accredited four-year college or university where the student pursues a mechanical engineering major.
  4. When is the application deadline?
    • The deadline varies each year. It’s best to check the scholarship’s official website or contact the concerned authorities.
  5. How is the scholarship amount disbursed?
    • Typically, the scholarship amount is sent directly to the recipient’s chosen educational institution to cover tuition, fees, books, and other academic-related expenses.
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