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The Tech Ninjas is a fast-rising blog that covers topics relating to technology, cybersecurity, and online stuff.

It is authored by knowledgeable tech ninjas, and it bids to empower others to get some tech mastery.

Integrity is our watchword, so never expect to get any false information from The Tech Ninjas. We crosscheck the information we post to our website against different sources, and if possible, we personally test it out.



You may be surprised to learn that all the scintillating content published on The Tech Ninjas is produced by a team of one. In essence, I’m trying to say I’m a one-man army!

This is not a disclosure that only one person will forever manage The Tech Ninjas. In fact, we plan to expand and carry a lot of talented publishers along as the blog ages.

Now, who is that me?

Raji Ridwan

Raji Ridwan

Yes, that’s the me. You might have heard that name before, and you mightn’t.

In case you have difficulty knowing who I am, be rest assured, this page will provide you with information about me.


As stated above, my name is Raji Ridwan, a blogger, and digital marketer.

Ridwan is my actual name, while Raji is my surname. Nevertheless, I’ll like it better if you call me by my surname.

I’m someone you’ll always see before a laptop, battling with the keyboard to manufacture words in a logical manner, useful enough to become a post for The Tech Ninjas.

I’ve created and run some other blogs previously.

I jumpstarted my blogging career from my health blog, Healthie.com.ng, but that’s another entire story.

Apart from blogging, I’m into part-time freelance writing, and I also learned a bit of coding.

My hobbies are bread and beans and whenever I’m free, I get onto WhatsApp and Twitter.

I like helping others because I hate to see friends in misfortune.


I utilize my leisure time to learn some new skills. So far, here are all I can do, with my eyes closed.

  • Article writing
  • Creative writing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Blog and website design
  • Content marketing
  • Public speaking
  • Eating bread and beans
  • Counting to two hundred
  • Chatting on WhatsApp, etc.

If you feel I can do what you want, but I didn’t list it here, you can contact me to find out more.

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Wanna know any more things about me?

Drop a message in my mailbox ([email protected]), and I’ll surely reply as soon as possible.


That’s all of our team, at least for now. You can check back later to see if our team has grown or be part of the ninjas’ team by sending an email to the above address.

You may be tested, but be rest assured as it’s easy to get a place amongst the Ninjas.

Thanks for hanging around here.