Solmax Global Review; Is Legit or Scam?

solmaxglobal homepage

Solmax Global has been around for quite some time, and they’ve grown quite popular recently. When I got to know about, I wasn’t particularly interested in their offering, but today, here I am, punching my keyboard to produce a well-thought-out review of the platform. I was celebrating Christmas on YouTube when I came across … Read more Review; Is Qleek Legit or a Scam?

qleek homepage

It’s a new year, and the struggle for online cash continues in earnest. While there have been so many disappointments in 2020, we can only hope that the 2021 income programs can be a little more honest in their dealings. Before then, let’s look at another income program that’s fast gaining popularity: Qleek pays … Read more Review; Is Minex World Legit or Scam homepage

The idea of cloud mining was quite appealing to me when I first heard about it. Just imagine, like cloud gaming, you don’t need to buy the extraordinary hardware required to do the exhausting task. Every mining activity takes place remotely on the computers in the cloud. However, I have not explored the possibilities of … Read more

Is Elancie Legit? An Honest Elancie Review

I recently reviewed and, and today, I introduce to you another member of the family: Elancie. Similar to the above-mentioned programs, Elancie, or simply Lancie pays when you promote the ads submitted by the publishers. Like most other income programs, it has a referral system that sounds promising. However, when you start seeing … Read more

Nairaworkers Review; Is Nairaworkers Legit or Scam?


Due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses are now turning to freelancers and other contactless means of getting jobs done. While freelancing has been a massive industry in many world countries, there is no doubt that freelancers are still underused in Nigeria. One of the major factors contributing to this is the lack … Read more

Bitero Review: Is Legit or a Scam?


It’s been two days since I dropped my review, and today, another income program caught my attention. is a high yield investment program that promises significant rewards for crypto investments. In this article, I’ll be reviewing Bitero, and with the information, we’ll be concluding if Bitero is legit or just another dishonest scam. … Read more

Uwork Review; Is Uwork Legit or a Scam? interface

Many jobs have been lost, businesses collapsed, investments crashed; all in all, the pandemic has been a very challenging period. Taking advantage of the challenging situation, we’ve seen the uprising of many income programs, pyramid schemes, and the likes. Sadly, we can hardly point out one that has been consistently paying so far. While I … Read more

Ubisoft Montreal Evacuated, Following a Fake Bomb Threat

ubisoft montreal

Following a 911 call, with a threat to blow up the Ubisoft Montreal headquarters if a $2 million ransom wasn’t paid, the giant game development company’s headquarters was evacuated before the Montreal police confirmed the threat as a mere hoax. Ditch Sms-Based Two-Factor Authentication – Microsoft Executive Advises After investigations into the incident, Montreal police … Read more

Ditch Sms-Based Two-Factor Authentication – Microsoft Executive Advises

two-factor authentication

Receiving a text message to your device while trying to log into your Facebook account makes it hack-proof, right? Well, from Microsoft’s point of view, that’s not totally the case, and it is explainable. Over the years, internet users have been made to recognize SMS-based two-factor authentication as the default security measure for their online … Read more

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