How to Set Up a New Android Phone

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An Android phone is a smartphone, getting a new smartphone is such an exciting moment and you’re filled with joy. I felt the same when I got my first smartphone years ago. However, it later came to be a regret for me afterwards because I didn’t take the necessary steps I was supposed to take. … Read more

How to Add Emergency Contacts on Android

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Almost everyone locks their phone. As new smartphones are released, more stringent locking protocols are introduced. Today, phones are being unlocked with fingerprint sensors, and even face recognition technologies. Locking your phone is not only recommended but necessary. However, nothing is perfectly advantageous. Locking your phone certainly has some downsides. If someone is involved in … Read more

Essential Cybersecurity Tips for Small Businesses

cybersecurity tips for small businesses

Due to the security vulnerabilities arising from poor cybersecurity measures among small agencies, hackers and cyber criminals often target their attacks at small businesses. Due to the minimal size of these businesses, they don’t feel the need for proper cybersecurity departments. After all, the whole organization is the size of the cybersecurity departments in larger … Read more

5 Best Password Managers for Android


This is 2020, and we all have digital accounts. It’s certain that you have a Facebook account, Twitter account, Instagram, and even a mobile banking app. What do we use to secure these accounts? For now, it’s still passwords. Although, many innovations, like the Face ID, Fingerprint scanner, etc. has been fighting to ward off … Read more