The 5 Best Microsoft Word Alternatives for Word Processing

word alternatives

We’re all MS Office-obsessed. It’s difficult to find someone who uses a different program for documents, spreadsheets, presentations, or to save spit, general office work. Since Microsoft started Office, it has dominated the digital office apps. However, you’ll need to pay to use Office! Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint are not at all free. You … Read more

The 5 Best GBA Emulators for PC

gameboy advance

Just recently, I shared a list of Gameboy Advance emulators for iPhones. As I got some positive feedback from that, I decided to come with another interesting list; the best GBA emulators for PC. Before I proceed to the list, won’t it be a good idea to know what a GBA emulator is? Best Home … Read more

Best Home Security Systems for 2020

smart home

We’ve read many expert reviews, and the message is clear: “crime rates will increase tremendously after the coronavirus lockdown.” Why is this so? Simple. With the lockdown, hundreds of thousands of active workers lost their jobs, with no hopes of recovery. Some of these workers depend on their job as main, if not their only … Read more

How to Delete Yahoo Account; a Simple Guide

delete yahoo account

Have you ever thought if you can delete your Yahoo Mail account? Oh yes, you can, due to internet fair play rules. However, Yahoo made this process so difficult that it’s not easily accessible unless you’re desperate. Firstly, let’s see why anyone would want to delete a once valuable Yahoo account. Once upon a time, … Read more

How to Set Up a New Android Phone

new android phones

An Android phone is a smartphone, getting a new smartphone is such an exciting moment and you’re filled with joy. I felt the same when I got my first smartphone years ago. However, it later came to be a regret for me afterwards because I didn’t take the necessary steps I was supposed to take. … Read more

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