What is the FCMB Code to Check Balance?

fcmb code to check balance

There are many ways to check your First City Monument Bank (FCMB) account balance, with the most straightforward way being the USSD code method. It requires no data or internet connection, and the code will work on any mobile network. Although dialing the code is easy, you might need to set up USSD banking to … Read more

How to Activate and Use the Fidelity Bank Code

fidelity bank code

Banking used to be strictly an in-house affair until the introduction of mobile banking. Mobile banking now eliminates the usual numerous bank trips as you can quickly get your banking services done from your phone. While almost all commercial banks have a code, Fidelity bank’s code structure is one of the simplest to understand. All … Read more

How to Get Loan from Access Bank Easily

You must be thinking accessing a loan in this 21st century is difficult. It isn’t, it’s now easier than ever before. You might be wanting capital to finance a project, your business, or any great idea of yours. Sufficient capital is one of the core things in business. Many of us have wonderful ideas that … Read more

How to Change Union Bank Phone Number

how to change union bank phone number

The phone number connected to your bank account is what you typically use to make USSD transactions and receive debit or credit alerts. Given the attachment of your mobile to your bank account, it’s very dangerous to misplace it without instantly changing it from your Union Bank account. Unfortunately, Union Bank doesn’t make the process … Read more

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