Ditch Sms-Based Two-Factor Authentication – Microsoft Executive Advises

two-factor authentication

Receiving a text message to your device while trying to log into your Facebook account makes it hack-proof, right? Well, from Microsoft’s point of view, that’s not totally the case, and it is explainable. Over the years, internet users have been made to recognize SMS-based two-factor authentication as the default security measure for their online … Read more

5 Best Password Managers for Android


This is 2020, and we all have digital accounts. It’s certain that you have a Facebook account, Twitter account, Instagram, and even a mobile banking app. What do we use to secure these accounts? For now, it’s still passwords. Although, many innovations, like the Face ID, Fingerprint scanner, etc. has been fighting to ward off … Read more

What is VLAN and How Does it Work?

cybersecurity tips for small businesses

What is VLAN? VLAN has become a new trend in the technology industry and as tech ninjas, it’s not just important, but also necessary to know one or two things about VLANs, how they work, their advantages and disadvantages and why you should use them. Cutting the long story short, let’s do this. What is … Read more

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