Futuristic Soundbeamer Gives You a Headphones-Like Experience Without Headphones


Does your AirPods feel too heavy in your ears? Then this might be some great news. It seems sci-fi movies are finally becoming a reality, and the likelihood of being able to travel into time is getting stronger. Israeli tech company Noveto Systems has started testing its futuristic technological equipment, Soundbeamer 1.0. What is Soundbeamer? … Read more

Apple iPhone 12 vs. Google Pixel 5: Is the Pixel Good Enough?

iphone 12 vs pixel 5

2020 might see Google take the place of Samsung in the prolonged iOS vs. Android battle. In the past, we’ve seen tough competitions between phones like the iPhone 7 and the Samsung Galaxy S8. This year, however, Google’s Pixel 5 looks like the biggest threat to iPhone 12’s success, with their launch dates almost coinciding. … Read more

How to install Linux on a Chromebook; An Easy Guide

how to install linux on chromebook

If you’re deep in the world of computing, you’d have owned, or heard about a Chromebook. They’re pretty cool computers that run on Google’s ChromeOS. The ChromeOS simulates the Chrome browser environment. You can do just anything possible from the Chrome dashboard on ChromeOS. Reviewing ChromeOS, one couldn’t call it a full operating system, and … Read more

The 5 Best Microsoft Word Alternatives for Word Processing

word alternatives

We’re all MS Office-obsessed. It’s difficult to find someone who uses a different program for documents, spreadsheets, presentations, or to save spit, general office work. Since Microsoft started Office, it has dominated the digital office apps. However, you’ll need to pay to use Office! Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint are not at all free. You … Read more

Best Home Security Systems for 2020

smart home

We’ve read many expert reviews, and the message is clear: “crime rates will increase tremendously after the coronavirus lockdown.” Why is this so? Simple. With the lockdown, hundreds of thousands of active workers lost their jobs, with no hopes of recovery. Some of these workers depend on their job as main, if not their only … Read more

How to Add Emergency Contacts on Android

android launcher

Almost everyone locks their phone. As new smartphones are released, more stringent locking protocols are introduced. Today, phones are being unlocked with fingerprint sensors, and even face recognition technologies. Locking your phone is not only recommended but necessary. However, nothing is perfectly advantageous. Locking your phone certainly has some downsides. If someone is involved in … Read more

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