Bitero Review: Is Legit or a Scam?


It’s been two days since I dropped my review, and today, another income program caught my attention. is a high yield investment program that promises significant rewards for crypto investments. In this article, I’ll be reviewing Bitero, and with the information, we’ll be concluding if Bitero is legit or just another dishonest scam. … Read more

Uwork Review; Is Uwork Legit or a Scam? interface

Many jobs have been lost, businesses collapsed, investments crashed; all in all, the pandemic has been a very challenging period. Taking advantage of the challenging situation, we’ve seen the uprising of many income programs, pyramid schemes, and the likes. Sadly, we can hardly point out one that has been consistently paying so far. While I … Read more

Ditch Sms-Based Two-Factor Authentication – Microsoft Executive Advises

two-factor authentication

Receiving a text message to your device while trying to log into your Facebook account makes it hack-proof, right? Well, from Microsoft’s point of view, that’s not totally the case, and it is explainable. Over the years, internet users have been made to recognize SMS-based two-factor authentication as the default security measure for their online … Read more

Google Removes 21 Adware Apps from Play Store — Delete them now!


Following many reports that some Android apps are bundled with an Adware Trojan named HiddenAds, Google has removed 21 apps from the official Android app store, with users advised to uninstall the apps from their devices immediately. Avast, a Czech cybersecurity company, made these findings on Monday, 26th October 2020. According to Avast, the said … Read more

What is a VPN, and How Does It Work?

how vpn works

You must have heard about VPNs, and how they are a must for the 21st century. You might even be considering some VPN options to purchase, but you just need some clarifications on how a VPN works, and it’s understandable. In case you’re not aware already, VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. You’re most probably … Read more

How to use your iPad as a Second Screen for Mac with iPadOS Sidecar

ipadOS sidecar

The Microsoft Windows operating system is growing, partly due to compatibility with Android smartphones. Apple, that has always been a hot competitor for Microsoft are not relenting in their efforts. Seeing the compatibility of Surface tablets with Windows computers, they came up with new technology and named it Sidecar. Launched with MacOS Catalina and iPadOS … Read more

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