Important Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts on Telegram for PC


Important Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts on Telegram for PC The Telegram app is one of the most popular instant messaging apps available on both the desktop and mobile platforms. Telegram is well-loved due to its numerous features and security. The CEO of Telegram is a security-conscious person, and this has been reiterated into the app. Telegram … Read more

3 Keyboard Apps for Android That I Actually Use

mobile keyboard

The Android operating system is one of the few that supports external keyboard apps, and that’s a great thing. Imagine if we’re all stuck up on the default Android Keyboard. Gosh, that would be pretty slow and tiring. The default Android Keyboard is highly limited in features. It is impossible to change the background color … Read more

3 Free Alternatives to Netflix


Americans spend an average of $100 each month for television and streaming.   For a movie freak with diversified movie interests, paying to watch all your favorite shows from your favorite streaming platforms can cause a hole in your pocket.   What’s the solution? Make the switch to a free platform.   Getting a free … Read more

What is VLAN and How Does it Work?

cybersecurity tips for small businesses

What is VLAN? VLAN has become a new trend in the technology industry and as tech ninjas, it’s not just important, but also necessary to know one or two things about VLANs, how they work, their advantages and disadvantages and why you should use them. Cutting the long story short, let’s do this. What is … Read more

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