6 Alternatives to Facebook You Should Use Instead

WhatsApp messaging

It seems Facebook is no longer the fashionable social media platform that we all know. With the #DeleteFacebook movement, it’s evident that users are no longer finding the Zuckerberg’s invention cool anymore. Also, Facebook is becoming increasingly restricted. In countries like China, it is impossible to access the social media platform without cutting corners. Cutting … Read more

3 Awesome Text Editors for Android

new android phones

I couldn’t have dreamt of writing on my phone until one day in my freelancing career. A client who gave me a task started tormenting me on WhatsApp. “Hey Raji, the deadline is twelve!” read my WhatsApp and Telegram messages. I indicated an interest in the gig, and turning back at that moment was out … Read more

The Best Video Editing Apps for Android

video editing apps for android

The Android operating smartphone is one of the best, no doubt. One of the reasons why we love this operating system is the high customizability. There are no video editing apps for Android by default. This means, to make some touches to your video, you either get the sophisticated equipment required for high productions or … Read more

Top Android Apps With Dark Mode

Dark mode has been a trend in the industry for decades, and it seems to have been standing a firm ground lately. With users’ constant demand for dark mode, app developers could not help but concur with the demands of the ruthless users. To be honest, using an app in the dark mode gives a … Read more

Important Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts on Telegram for PC


Important Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts on Telegram for PC The Telegram app is one of the most popular instant messaging apps available on both the desktop and mobile platforms. Telegram is well-loved due to its numerous features and security. The CEO of Telegram is a security-conscious person, and this has been reiterated into the app. Telegram … Read more

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